The Norse Gods were a set of divine being worshiped by the Scandinavian people, and later throughout Northern Europe.

Norse Gods:Edit

Baldr God of Day
Bragi God of Poetry
Dellingr The Dayspring
Forseti God of Justice
Freyr Fertility God
Heimdallr Guardian of the Gods
Hermóðr Son of Odin
Höðr God of Winter
Hœnir Warrior God
Loki God of Mischief
Lóðurr One of the first Gods
Meili God of Travel
Njörðr God asociated with the Sea (seafaring, wind, fishing, wealth, and crop fertility).
Odin Allfather of the Gods, and Ruler of Asgard
Saxnōt (Old Saxon) Tribal God
Thor God of Thunder
Týr God of the hanged, war, and skies
Ullr Old God of the Northern Lands
Vili God of Motivation
Viðarr God of silence and vengeance
Váli Born for the sole purpose of killing Hoor
Gave humans feelings and emotions

Norse GoddessesEdit

Baduhenna Goddess of War
Bil Goddess of the Moon
Beyla Servant of Freyr
Eir Goddess of Medical Skill
Ēostre Goddess of the Dawn
Freyja Goddess of Love
Frigg Wife of Odin with Gift of Prophecy
Fulla Servant of Frigg
Gefjun Goddess of Ploughing
Gersemi Old Norse Treasure
Gerðr Goddess of Earth and wife of Freyr
Gná Errand Runner of Frigg, Goddess of Fullness
Hel Daughter of Loki, Ruler of Hel, the Norse Underworld
Hlín Servant of Frigg
Hnoss Daughter of Frejya
Idunn Goddess of Youth and Apples
Irpa Goddes of Earth (hypothesis)
Lofn Arranger of Marriages
Nanna Wife of Baldr
Nerthus Goddess of Fertility
Njörun Associated with the Earth
Nótt Personification of the Night, Grandmother of Thor
Rán Goddess of the Sea
Rindr Mother of Váli
Saga Seeress
Sif Wife of Thor
Skaði Goddess of Winter, wife of Höðr

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