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In here, you can post your request for Rollback Rights. Rollbacks are able to revert edits and vandalism with only one click on the [Rollback] button. There is no maximum number of Rollback Rights, but the users need to be trusted by the community. If you think you reserve Rollback Rights, do not hesitate in making a request. Odin is waiting for you!


  • Have a strong History of contributions. Usually, over 100 edits on articles. But, quality is more important than quantity.
  • No History of Vandalism, but History of anti-vandalism-Reverting Vandalism, reporting vandals and/or both.
  • No History of serious blocks due to vandalism or sockpuppetry.
  • Been on the Wiki for at least a month and is trusted by the community.
  • Use the Chat at least once a week, if not, Chat-Moderator Rights are required. Rollback Rights users are usually granted with Chat-Mod Rights automatically.


  • Add your name as a subheading under the section "Current Requests" and give an explanation on why you deserve and require Rollback Rights. Don't forget to sign your posts or the request/vote won't be valid.
  • Any user with an active account may support a nominee by voting under that user's request. A user can vote by adding a bullet point or a number and signing with four ~~.
  • Bureaucrat Birdqueen102 will make the final decision. Please, don't get to disappointed if your request is declined.

Approved RequestsEdit

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