The Best User of the Month is chosen by the community on a monthly basis. It is similar for the User of the Year, just that for the latter, a mass voting by the community will be held on a yearly basis. However, both the Miss and Mr Chatterbox awards are given by the admins/bureaucrats, with the help of the rollbackers/chat moderators, to specific users. The Mjolnir Awards are given to specific users by the Admins/Rollbackers/Chat Moderators. The awards here are made to humor users and to reward them.

Given to the User of the Month:


"Asgardian of the Month"
Congratulations! Lady Sif has found you worthy of having the 'Asgardian of the Month Award' for {{{1}}}.
Keep on editing! Quality over Quantity!

Given to the Female User(s) who is(are) most active on chat


"You are Miss Chatterbox"
You have been awarded with this award for being the most active female on chat!

Given to the Male User(s) who is (are) most active on chat


"You are Mr. Chatterbox"
You have been awarded with this award for being the most active male on chat!

User of the Year:

Odin Knighthood in Asgard
This award is given to you by the Admins for being the Asgardian of the Year {{{1}}} on the Norse World of Rick Riordan Wiki. Congratulations! This user has earned the respect of the community for being such a great writer and editor! You are truly one in a million!

Awards given to users for editing:

Mjolnir: Bronze:

Mjolnir: Silver:

Mjolnir: Gold:

Mjolnir: Infinite

Mjolnir: INFINITE!


This EPIC user has had over 10,000 edits, and YET, has little warnings from the Admins.
You, a Hero of Asgard, have earned the 'Mjolnir: INFINITE Award'!
Indeed, you rock.

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