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New York Times No.1 Bestselling Author, Rick Riordan

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Lady Sif

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The Ruler of Asgard, Odin

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Asgardian of the Month
The "Asgardian of the Month" is user PoseidonEpicness45. He is our newest rollback and has helped tremendously in getting this wiki up to date with basic Norse mythology. Let's all thank Epic for his help, as well as congratulate him for being the Featured Asgardian of the Month!

-His User Profile

-His Talk Page

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Bear The Hybrid Bear The Hybrid 10 October 2019

My favorite character Hearthstone

Hearth is the best

in my opinion..

because yes.


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DanyYB DanyYB 9 April 2014

Future Plans

This page is for your ideas for the benefit of the wiki. Don't be afraid to put…

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