Here on Norse World of Rick Riordan Wiki, we have Policies that our editors should follow to be great Wikians. Wikians who don't follow this Policies will be suspended for the Wiki at an Administrator's dicretion.

These Policies can also be found at Community Central Wiki here.

More Policies can be found in this page.

Our Policies in GeneralEdit

  1. Don't Spam-In this wiki, we don't like "Spam" and we're sure you don't like it either, do you? That's why we try to keep it away. What's Spam? A clearly example of Spam is flooding the internet with many copies of something, in this case, unnecesary messages or edits. So before you try "Spamming" think, "Do you like it? Would the others like it?"
  2. Respect Copyright-Everything a User contributes should agree with CC-BY-SA license
  3. No Profanity-This is a children's book series and here on NWRRW, there are a lot of young editors and also parents, so please, abstain from saying things PG-13+.
  4. Be Bold on Chat-Chat is supposed to be a great experience where you can speak with people around the world. When you enter to chat, you expect jokes, meeting new people, learning about them, etc. Not being Cyberbullied by other users.