Gender Female
Status Immortal
Family Njörðr (father)
Freyr (brother)
Hair Color Blonde or Crimson
Eye Color Unknown
Species God
Quests None
Actor None

Freyja (meaning "The Lady") is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and magic and divination. She was a member of the Vanir who came to live with the Aesir along with her brother Freyr. Her father is Njörðr.


Freyja was known for her beauty. She was even thought to cry golden tears. No man could resist her when she wore her enchanting necklace, Brisingamen. The necklace was made or her by four dwarves.

Freyja was incharge of the souls of half of the bravest warriors who died in battle(the other half went to Valhalla). She invited them to stay with her in her land, Fólkvangr, where they could spend with their wives and lovers.

In one myth, when the goddess' husband went missing, she shapeshifted herself into a bird and went to find him. When she found him, he had become an ugly sea monster. But still, Freyja loved him. When he was killed, Freyja threatened to kill the other gods. To make it up for her, Od, her husband, was offered a place in Valhalla, even though he didn't die as a hero.

She was thought to be able to travel to all nine realms.


It all depends on the viewer. She is said to have blonde or crimson hair, and to appear nude to her followers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • As a goddess of love, Freyja has the mystical and powerful ability to arouse love and passion in others.
  • As the goddess of beauty, she has the ability of changing appearance. Also, she has the ability of shapeshifting into
  • As a goddess of magic, she has divine authority and absolute control over magic.
  • As the goddess of divination, she has the power to see the future.


  • She is the equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite.
  • She is also the equivalent to the Egyptian goddess Hathor.
  • Freyja and Frigg were often thought to be same goddesses.
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