Gender Male
Status Immortal
Family Odin (father)
Frigg (mother)
Höðr (brother)
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Species God
Quests None
Actor None

Baldr is the Norse god of the day. He is the son of Odin and Frigg and a member of Aesir. In one myth, he and his mother both had dreams telling them of Baldr's death. To prevent this from happening, Frigg made every object in the Nine Realms vow not to harm Baldr except mistletoe, because she thought it was harmless and too young to swear. Loki, hearing of Baldr's weakness, crafted a spear(or arrow) of mistletoe to kill Baldr. He guided Höðr, Baldr's blind brother, to throw the spear at him. Höðr did not know it would kill Baldr, so he threw the spear and killed Baldr. The Christmas tradition of kissing under mistletoe originated because Frigg told everyone they had to give someone a kiss under mistletoe after her son's death, as she is the goddess of love. The death of Baldr is one of the signs of the upcoming Ragnarök. During Ragnarök it is said that Baldr will be reborn.

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