"Welcome to Asgard."

Congratulations on surviving the perilous journey to Asgard.
The Gods in Asgard would like to personally speak with you and also gently tell you more about the Asgardian community.
Beware... They do not want to be pissed off...
  • The Asgardian Council is where discussions between the admins are held. Users can simply click on Admin Meetings to see what has been discussed and thus know what changes will take place in the wiki.
  • Users can find templates that they can use in the Asgardian Council. However, do note that some templates are only made available to admins. Users who use them without proper admin permission may be suspended for a period of time, at an administrator's discretion.
  • Users may also look at the Featured Article in the Asgardian Council and read other past featured articles.
  • Have fun editing the wiki!
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